Senior Design Team sdmay22-21 • Real-Time Map Data Visualizer

Our project is to develop a real-time map data AR visualization of meteorological and other data that takes as input various publicly accessible data streams (radar, satellite, wind, air traffic) and produces as user configurable map overlays. This will be created for the Microsoft Hololens 2 using the Unity development platform.

This 3D data visualization application is being designed as a showcase piece for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Iowa State. Using Unity and the Hololens 2, it will provide an educational experience with one of the newest trends in visualization technology and hardware in order to highlight the university’s commitment to research and innovation. The application is intended to attract and communicate to prospective students what their future at Iowa State can look like. In broader context, a visualizer like this one could be used in the education sector to learn about global data and the patterns visualized. By providing a greater understanding of our world's challenges, we can inspire innovative and creative solutions.

Advisor and Client: Joseph Zambreno

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